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Walks take place fortnightly, and bookings are made on the Thursday night prior to the walks at Leigh Miners’ Welfare Institute, Kirby Road, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 4EF , from 7:30 to 9:00 pm approx

There are six different walks available on each trip, from A to F. F is the easiest of the walks and is an equivalent of around 6.5 flat miles, although if walks involve any height, the distance is usually reduced to compensate.

Please be sure you are adequately equipped, walking boots are a must, and to provide for a thick pair of socks, which we suggest you acquire first, try a larger size boot than you would normally wear as a shoe. The boots need not be an expensive pair, try Millets before you try the more specialised shops.

The next must is waterproofs. The unpredictable English weather can cause your enthusiasm to wane rapidly if you get wet and cold. A waterproof jacket and trousers will also protect you from the wind.

Remember, you will be out all day, and will need a packed lunch and something to drink, so a rucksack will be your next requirement, to carry it all, and your waterproofs too.  A small personal first aid kit is also recommended, plasters, gauze, antiseptic ointment and the like. Blisters can sometimes occur when walking in boots that you have worn without problems for years.

The coach leaves from St Mary’s Way, St. Mary's Church, Leigh, (opposite the Library) at 8.15am. Alternative fixed boarding points are also used: - Lowton, Miners Arms – Astley, Worsley Parish Church, Leigh Crematorium, and the last bus shelter lay-by on Park Road before Chequerbent roundabout. Which pickup points are used, depends on the direction that the coaches leave Leigh, which itself depends on the destination for that day. Depending on the time of year, the departure time from the destination varies from 4:00pm in winter to 6:00pm in summer. The farthest destinations, usually visited in summer, are approximately 2 hours away. Winter destinations tend to be nearer.

Walking boots are not allowed on the coach so a change of footwear will be required. These can be left on the coach during the walk, as the coach stays at the destination all day. A plastic bag is useful for your boots if they are dirty and/or wet after the walk. A change of clothes is also advisable. If the weather is really wet, travelling home in damp clothes can be a miserable experience. Rucksacks are not allowed on the coach and must travel in the boot.

When you have been on one or two walks, you will find that you may require more than has been suggested here, but that is up to the individual, as this sheet only advises what you will require initially. Remember, walking round town is very different from walking on the fells. An extra jumper in the rucksack may be very welcome. Several thin layers are more use than one thick one, and can be removed, one at a time, if and when required. You are particularly advised not to wear jeans, they restrict movement when climbing hills or negotiating stiles, and if they get wet, they remain damp much longer than other materials.
If you require further advice or suggestions, please feel free to ask other members of your party or any member of the committee, who will be glad to help. If they cannot answer your question, they will know someone who can.